Of all spy apps available on App Store at the moment, there are a few which caught our attention.

We liked them due to the fact they are reliable, they have plenty of satisfied users and they do what they are supposed to do.

Each spy app from the list can be downloaded and installed today, so be free to try them.

  1. Copy9

The app allows you to record video or take photos while it appears you are browsing the internet.

Black screen feature is available as well.

We liked the ability to set the time intervals for photo taking.


  • Photo taking intervals
  • Fake web browser
  • Decent quality of recordings
  • Great app to use in general


  • Developed for iOS 6
  • Lack of updates
  • Shutter sound
  1. MxSpy


There are so many apps which allow you to record stealth videos, but this one is a bit better.

You can watch the videos from a desktop computer and you can protect them (dot-based system).

Additionally, a user can add the location of each video.


  • Location can be added
  • Stealth app
  • Remote video support
  • Dot protection


  • Lack of password protection
  • GPS isn’t very accurate
  1. 9SpyApps

Here we have a mobile spy app which is complicated to use, yet very practical.

You get access to live streams of thousands of surveillance cameras across the planet.

Choose the one you like and follow your subject.


  • Fun and interesting
  • You can access any camera you want
  • Free app


  • Difficult to find a camera you need
  • Nobody knows how it operates


  1. Secret Camera

Another app with features which allow you to take hidden photos.

It comes with recovery function, so you can recover the photos you deleted and with a passcode protection, so only you have access to the photos.

A small thumbnail is present on the screen and it allows you to preview the photos.


  • Password protection
  • Recovery option
  • No shutter sound
  • Self-timer


  • Too small thumbnail
  • Isn’t suitable for the latest devices
  1. Security Cam

The app allows you to record videos and photos in stealth mode.

They are activated by motion or by sound and they can be sent to your email.


  • Sound or motion will activate the camera
  • Can be exported via iTunes
  • Can be sent to email


  • Motion feature doesn’t always work perfectly
  1. Night Vision Camera

If you need a spy phone app which allows you to see in the dark, this one is just right.

You can use night vision mode, infrared mode and etc.

Zooming is outstanding and taken photos offer a decent quality.

Yes, this is a free app.


  • Nigh mode
  • Infrared feature
  • Zooming
  • Free to use


  • Confusing user interface
  • Basically, you get a few features
  1. Cam On! Lite

Another spy app which allows you to use cameras all over the world.

It is free and you can take photos if you want.


  • Use any camera in the world
  • Free to use
  • You can take photos


  • Lower number of cameras than similar apps
  1. Live Cams Pro

Now you can spy on your home or other people using public cameras.

The app is a bit more expensive than similar ones, but it works like a charm.


  • Allow you to monitor your home
  • Explore thousands of surveillance cameras
  • Interesting


  • Obsolete
  • More expensive than similar apps
  1. My Webcam

A camera app which allows you to broadcast your camera.

All USB units are supported.

The app isn’t free, but it comes with a PC and Mac software to broadcast.


  • Rare app of this kind
  • All USB cameras are supported
  • You can watch other cameras as well


  • Slow
  • Expensive
  1. Camster 2

Monitor surveillance cameras in your area.

You can monitor your own as well, but you must pay for the premium version.


  • Easy to use
  • Target-based camera search
  • Allows you to monitor your property


  • Best features are reserved for the premium version
  • Search function


Each mobile spy app from the list can assist you in spying other people simply and successfully.

Some are not free, but generally, all of them are great value for money.