This is an application suited for coders who can analyze, test and scan the coding system for various applications used in Android phones. Initially it was used legitimately to fix codes and bugs on applications. But, with time hackers have been able to use it to check for weak spots in the coding structure of various games. Apk is one of the most popular apps for hacking cell phones.

hack a phone

How does it work?

When used on games you can remove licenses and credits from a game application. You can also modify a game structure and remove some features in the game. For those games where you get points and gold coins when you reach a particular level, you can edit the game and get unlimited points.

The App is legal, it is how you use the app that really matters. Some use it for legitimate purposes like changing the code for faulty games while for some it’s a phone hacking app.

The designers have created a graphical interface to allow users to visualize the application structure and is a good tool for forensic malware.

APk lets you get both analysis and graphical features from user’s phone. You get the following when installed:

  • CFG
  • Call Graph
  • Static Information
  • Permission Analysis
  • Dalvik, java and smali codes
  • Search and filter strings, classes and methods
  • Configuration module to choose whatever modules you like
  • A progess bar is displayed when opening and loading an Apk

Apk Inspector is an awesome tool for those interested in game and android apps development. This is because it lets you check app code and enhance security features of the app. For those thinking of hacking an android phone remotely then this app does it for you.

Latest Version Features

The latest version of Apk inspector has the following features;

  • Automatic installation
  • Fine grained graph to view source code
  • Call Graph
  • Navigation
  • Better display of Control Flow graph analysis
  • Reverse the code with Ded for Java analysis
  • Static instrumentation
  • Combine Permission Analysis

You can easily download the app in various websites. Android studio has an Apk analyzer that lets you debug programs with DEX files and helps you reduce the apk file.

Apk files usually come in zip format and you can easily rename the file when extracting it. Apk analyser lets viewers get immediate access to underlying information in the DEX files in your app. You are able to view class, package, total reference and declaration counts provided from the viewer.

This is a great app for anyone thinking of hacking android apps and games. The apk easily hides behind the background of any android phone. The range of features makes it to the top of hacking software’s. The app is available in many third party sites hence making it accessible to anyone. In case you have never used it you can easily get a tutorial online.

Nothing is irritating like when playing a game and you are unable to get the necessary points to move up levels. You can play the game all day just to get the points or you can get an apk and change the credit system of the game. This has made the phone hacking app very popular with gaming hacks. To protect your android phone ensure you have an anti-spyware.