Whatsapp has recently become one of the best and the most preferred way of communication and is widely used and promoted by everyone. No matter which age group we belong to all of us have Whatsapp, especially teenagers. We can see them all day long sticking to their phones but whom are they talking to. Parents should pay and attention towards what and who are their kids talking to and here the Whatsapp spy apps come to the rescue. These applications help you track down your child’s Whatsapp activity and give you a detailed report to decide if they are on the right track or not. A list of recommended spying apps is listed below for you to choose from.


  1. Copy9

This Whatsapp spy app is available at a cost of USD $25. This application provides services that are very easy to use and learn. It is no doubt a great surveillance application and has great features to offer. Also, it works in stealth mode and does not make the device owner aware of the tracking done on the device. Apart from the Whatsapp messages it also gives you a detailed report about other media’s as well.

  1. SpyHuman

This application is available free of cost and is available online for you to download. The Application has no hidden charges for any kind of additional features. The helps you easily learn how to read someones WhatsApp messages online free and also some of its features help in tracking other social media handles as well. The Application comes along with a guaranteed stellar customer service.

  1. Phone Monitor

This application is newly built and helps you with the problem of how to read someones WhatsApp messages online free. But if the device is lost and needs to be tracked down it can be done easily at just an addition USD $3 charges. The App is not at all complicated and helps you track downWhatsapp from the root.

  1. MxSpy

This Whatsapp Spy application is available absolutely free trial and is very easy to use for anyone. The App is a reliable one and highly effective and efficient with all its services. Also, it offers to track down other social media handles and mobile phone activities other than just being a Whatsapp tracker.

  1. 9SpyApps

This application is an awesome tracker and helps you get all the information about the device owner along with being a Whatsapp spy application. You do not have to pay even a penny to avail its services and also it makes tracking down anybody very easy and is a perfect answer to the question how to read someones WhatsApp messages online free.


There is a lot of Whatsapp tracker available online. But these are the most reliable and recommended ones to be used. All of the applications works silently and do not let the device owner even suspect about the going on tracking in their devices.